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Let me tell you about my story. The Women of Burgundy Street takes place in 1893-1900 New Orleans in a quadroon creole community where the beautiful quadroon ladies ride in carriages and go to the opera. I want you to meeet my characters and get to know them.

First, meet La Fonda. She is a young black girl who falls in love with her parish priest, Father Andre. Click onto her name and ask her about herself, how she first met and fell in love with Father Andre.

Father Andre is a handsome quadroon priest, very dedicated to his vocation and his parishioners. Click onto Father Andre to ask him about his life. Why did he become a priest?


Camelia is Father Andre's aunt, four times married, with two unmarried daughters. She is a dressmaker and midwife to her quadroon clientele. She was a nurse in the Civil War in her youth. Click onto Camelia. She won't hold back on any question, including her sex life. Just ask about any husband. She'll tell you everything. You'll find her a very interesting and warm person.




My sequel, THE AMULET, takes place two years later with the same characters. You don't have to read THE WOMEN OF BURGUNDY STREET to understand THE AMULET, but it would be nice to know these passionate women's pasts. You could ask Camelia's daughters, Rosalia and Collette, questions about their quest for love. Click on their name and ask a question.

If you go to New Orleans, stop by and pay a visit to The New Orleans Collections. They have a beautiful gift shop, books for sale, and an art museum upstairs gratis.  Also visit these book stores where you will find my books.

     1. The Historical New Orleans Collections
         533 Royal Street

     2. Faubourg Marigny Books
         600 Frenchman at Chartres

     3. Beckham's Bookshop
         228 Decatur Street

Mr. Beckham was so gracious; he put my books on the book shelf in front of his book store with Tennessee Williams, John Kennedy Toole, and Anne Rice, and invited me to take a picture. I was so honored, I could scarcely believe it. 



For those of you writing with settings in Louisiana, click onto Williams Research Center in the French Quarter of New Orleans. They will tell you everything you need to know about Louisiana.

Also, link onto The New Orleans Public Library. I started researching here in 1986. They gave me the best advice. One male librarian said to me, "Just write everything you could possibly imagine that could happen in New Orleans because it probably did." I always remembered what he said. I tried to write everything I could possibly imagine that could happen in New Orleans in 1900.





Published Authors:

For those writers looking for agents and publishers, Jenna Petersen's famous Passionate Pen website is invaluable. Check it out for other interesting resources.

Don't miss my multi-talented friend Sylvia Rochester's oil paintings, books, and poetry. I have one of her giclees of a New Orleans courtyard in my dining room, reminding me of our lunch at a French Quarter restaurant where she got the inspiration for the courtyard scene. If you don't know what a giclee is, ask Sylvia.

Click onto these special authors listed at left. They all have very interesting websites and books. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

The Women of Burgundy Street and The Amulet are available at on Kindle and Paperback.

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